Have you noticed that when you say something like “I am tired” what you feel is that you are even more tired?  If you say “I am fat” all you can see about yourself is fatness?  How about when you say “I am ready to go.”  Your energy is higher, your outlook is brighter.  “I am in love” is almost never followed by feelings of unworthiness because this is a positive statement!

Words have power.  You are a powerhouse.  When you tell yourself you are tired, everything about you hears a command and responds to make your command become real, at least to you. You will not shed pounds while telling yourself you are fat, however if you say “I am loosing weight” your body takes the command and shows you evidence of your belief, even to the point of reflecting that belief on the scales.  You might be able to fool other people, but never yourself.  Gobbling the fourth Snickers of the day and proclaiming I am loosing weight does not work because you know the truth and your body takes your belief as a command.

I simply love those two words “I AM” because they are the words of creation.  The question is; what do you want to create?  Something which makes you happy, or something which makes you miserable?  Just give this a try; every time you hear yourself say “I AM” listen to what comes out of your mouth afterwards.  I AM sets creation into motion, do these next words you speak reflect the direction you want that motion to go?

I AM looking forward to sharing your success with you.

Think Believe Receive