The funk

For the most part I am a very happy guy.  You have probably picked-up from these blogs that I like to live from possible and see the positive in all things.  True, and true, but last night I fell into a funk.  My beloved said something to me which was both true and very loving, but it struck a cord in me which was neither true nor loving about myself.  That sent me on a tail-spin.  I did not do the writing I planned on doing. Even though I love the writing, I sat in front of the television eating anything I could find that was fattening, I had even decided I would skip my nightly walk.  I was lashing out.  Who was I lashing out towards? Me.  I was punishing myself, and I was doing pretty well too!  I was punishing myself for believing in my own fears of limitation and doing everything I could think of to punish myself more, even beginning to withdraw from my Ladies love.  How silly was this?

Have you ever found yourself in a self destructive funk?  Our deepest fears come to the surface and become blown out of proportion.  We begin to believe the bad press our dark side wants us to believe.  I am here to share with you some good news; these deep dark fears about ourselves which come to the surface are coming to the surface begging us to see them for what they are so we can come to terms with them and release the fear altogether.  The dark side within each of us is great at suggesting we are bad, we are unworthy, that things will never get better.  So how do you get rid of a dark area?  You shine a light on them.  Your heart is the best source for this light.  When in a funk, let your love shine.

The Involved Observer