Stop Thinking!

No, don’t stop thinking forever, just stop thinking about the wrong things.  This weekend I was stuck in miles and miles and miles of traffic; hours worth.  I found myself getting quite perturbed, as you might imagine.  What saved me from becoming a two minute segment on the TV news about road rage was my realization that thinking was only harming me.  thinking about my schedule; thinking about my sore tush.  I found that thinking was only making me angrier, so I followed my own advice and stopped thinking.

I turned my attention to the desert around me, to the music on the radio, to the memories I had created over the past few days.  I stopped thinking and started being.  Our thought is based upon what we know, or being is based upon what we know plus what can be, and what can be is unlimited, boundless and as yet undefined.  I could think about my car-weary body, about the congested traffic, but when I simply stared being I was freed from that bondage.

Thinking is also what chains us to the past.  Thinking can make us believe that what we have not been able to accomplish in the past is what we will not be able to accomplish  in the future.  

Thinking has its place, but whenever you feel the world start closing-in; whenever what is hear is more “no” than “yes”  maybe it’s time to stop thinking, and start being.

Think Believe Receive