Messages of Love

Is there anything more wonderful in our lives than love?  Is there anything more difficult in our lives than love?  Love is one of the most difficult of emotions/experiences we humans have, for the simple reason that we tend to overthink the whole thing and miss the point.

Love can be an experience; by this I mean being with people who make us happy, with whom we feel free to be who we are, and even more.  There is no physical component to this form of love, it simply is.  My belief is that this is our natural state of being. We might refer to this as Agape love.  Despite what we read in the media there is more Agape love in our world than any other relationship.

Love can also be an emotion; that bubbly, loosing sleep, can’t wait to see each other feeling which is often like a roller coaster.  We sing songs about this type of love and there is often (but not always) a physical component to what we call Eros love. 

Confusing these two can lead to an emotional shipwreck.  In the experience of love we feel free, excited to be alive, and in feeling this we often project the source of that experience on the other person, which is where we go awry.  Agape love is present all the time, we can find it in the outpouring of concern for people in danger, we can find it as we gather to sing carols, or help the less fortunate.  Eros love, as wonderful as it can be can be long lasting or vanish overnight.

This Christmas season, and on into New Years, surrender at every opportunity to Agape Love, surround yourself with it, share it , revel in it, and should wonderful Eros love show up along the way, that’s wonderful to, just make sure you get the  messages of love free of confusion.

The Involved Observer