This is the season when many of us are called to look upon miracles as depicted in Scripture.  How beautiful is that!  We allow ourselves to look at these events, revel in the wonder and joy of the events, and then we let the experience end right there.  Why?  Why are we so certain the age of miracles is past, or that only certain people can perform miracles or receive miracles?  To my mind we are cheating ourselves when we dismiss the possibility that what may seem miraculous cannot enter our lives.

Even some of the most regarded scientific minds have acknowledged miracles; Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that either everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle.  When we see our children for the first time the word miracle comes naturally to us, so why do we then presume that what we want would take a miracle, then insist “it can never happen?”

Would it be a miracle if Uncle Stu and Cousin Joe could get along at Christmas dinner?  Maybe all it will take to witness that miracle is for you to open the door to the possibility of it occurring.  

Not every miracle is as dramatic as Jesus feeding the multitude, there are what I call “everyday miracles.”  Events which seem to be simply impossible, but there they are!  The meeting of two people from halfway across the world and finding two hearts beating as one, that’s a miracle.  Being delayed at the Post Office an extra five minutes for some inexplicable reason, then finding that if you had gotten on the freeway five minutes earlier you might have been involved in the accident you just passed, that is a miracle.

Miracles are all around us; miracles are performed by people just like you and me, and miracles are experienced daily by people just like you and me.  Open your heart, open your mind and I think you will see we are living in an age of miracles right now.

The Involved Observer