Through the window

As I sit here looking out through my window, enjoying the sights outside, it occurs to me that what I am doing is exactly what I do with my life; if I look out the window and see a thunder storm and torrential rains outside, I can see those bolts of lightening and rivers of water in the parking lot as an interruption of my life and a terrible thing, or I can see them as a magnificent display of life.  I always have a choice.

In the book Think, Believe, Receive I discuss how we have three steps to enjoying our life; the first is to Think about what we want to have in our lives, then to Believe that those things can really happen and that we will find a way to Receive the gifts we seek.  This is not always an easy process because as we look through the window of our lives we often see only lightening and rain.  If we think we want to have a particular job and look out the window of our lives and see only all the reasons we cannot have that job, that is our view of life.  It is like looking out a window and having a view of our own soul reflected back.

Without knowing possibility in our lives, without realizing we are always supported by the Universe in the accomplishment of our dreams, without accepting responsibility for our own experiences, there is nothing to see but reasons for not stepping into that new life. If all we live with is the doom and gloom of the TV news, or why we cannot have what we desire, our view out the window will be of limitation.  When our souls are filled with possibility, the view out the window is unlimited.

Think Believe Receive