Let’s Just loaf

As Forrest Gump might say, “life is like a loaf of bread.”

Life has its ups and downs, just like a loaf of bread.  Think about the process of making bread; you mix up the dough, put it in a bowl and let it rise, then punch the bread down an let it rise again, maybe you do that two or three timess. Then you knead the dough again and put it in a pan, into the oven, and again it rises bigger and better than ever.  

We begin each step of our lives or each process the same way; mix up the ingredients, let them rise, then something happens which seems like a set-back, but from that “set-back” the process or growth step rises again, taking on a new form and size.  Then another “set-back” occurs but that too results in greater understandings. Soon we find ourselves stepping into the new which is like the baking process.  When the baking process is complete we have something delicious!

The simple point here is to remember; when your plans get punched down, don’t think they are ruined, this is all part of the whole growth process and is actually important to our growth.  Those luscious cinnamon rolls at breakfast could only be luscious cinnamon rolls if the entire process is allowed to take its course.

As this week at the All American Soap Box Derby World Championships takes shape I will be reminding myself that each event for which I share responsibility takes shape the “set-backs” are an important part of the process and will, in the end, result in an even better and tastier product.

Lets just loaf!

The Involved Observer