Crazy is as Crazy does

What is crazy?  Is crazy taking a chance on a new way of doing things?  Is crazy stepping into a new relationship when the last relationship went so badly, is crazy simply seeing other people as simply living their experience as best as they can without wanting to “help” them do it “right?”

People with lots of letters after their names have defined what crazy is in big thick books, then they apply those definitions of crazy to all of us. Here is how I view crazy: crazy is what someone does which is beyond the craziness we share as a culture.  What is crazy in America is often perfectly acceptable in Thailand.  What is crazy in Mobile, Alabama is often just daily life in Fallbrook, California.

The Wright brothers were crazy as they put their lives on the line in Kitty Hawk, Martin Luther King Jr was crazy as he lead believers into the police lines in Burmingham, Alabama, just as Gandhi was crazy to take on the entire British Empire in India.

What was crazy to contemplate in 1895 is now simply a matter of course in 2016.

I certainly agree there are actions we might take which can be viewed as crazy; such as placing our lives at risk, yet each day our law enforcement and military people do just that, can we honestly call them crazy?  That depends upon our outlook on life.

Before we look at that person walking down the street talking to themselves and define them as crazy we would be well served to consider that they might actually have a clearer view of life than we do, they simply are expressing their sanity in a way we do not comprehend.

Perfection is all around us, each of us is perfect for who we are, even if others do not understand our individual craziness.

Crazy is, as crazy does!

The Involved Observer