Regular readers of these blogs will know that I am a staunch advocate of affirmations.  Affirmations are a regular and important part of my own life, and I hope of your life as well.  We know that positive affirmations help us grow, help us manifest what we want, and help us live joyful lives.  

Recently my dear friend Ashtar pointed out to me that sometimes my own affirmations keep me locked in place rather than growing because I first affirm some type of lack, then I attempt to affirm what I want.  I am actually working against myself!

Here is an example: “I know that right now I do not have the income to take this trip, but I hereby affirm the money is coming.”  You see, my first affirmation is that I have a lack of income.  This portion of the affirmation most likely carries a good deal of energy, perhaps more energy than the second part, that I know the money is coming.  A far more powerful affirmation would be “I always have more than enough money to travel, live and share joyfully.”

This goes back to a blog I did recently about working from Cause rather than working from effect.  In the case of the affirmation above the effect in my life is thinking I do not have the money I want, the Cause is a belief in lack.  When we know fully, live fully, and express ourselves fully in the abundance of life, we are always working with the most powerful building block possible; the love and support of the Universe for our lives.

We are loved, we are supported and we are all unlimited in our lives, so take a moment and look at what your are affirming in your own life, don’t take for granted what you are saying affirms what you want.

Think Believe Receive