A First World Problem

“That’s a first world problem is a phrase I was introduced to while visiting my friends at Summit Spiritual Center in Akron, Ohio last week, and I have to admit, it has really gotten my awareness going.  What is the most aggravating thing on your mind right now?  Is it that your cable/internet provider keeps raising your rates?  First World Problem.  Is your vehicle on it’s last legs?  First world problem.  Are you having trouble feeding your family because you have lost your job or your income is lower than it used to be?  That is a problem which has universal connections.

We do have a tendency to view our problems as huge, important and sometimes insurmountable in nature. The fact is most of our problems are First World Problems and are not truly life threatening. Can we can take a step back from those issues and ask ourselves “is this a first world problem?” If it is a FWP, give thanks you are in a position to have that problem.  Those who are in the second, third and fourth worlds would probably give up anything to have that problems foremost in their minds.

Make it a game!  The whole purpose here is to get off our high horses; to understand that so much of what upsets us is at its root fairly superficial.  When we place our problem in perspective, it does not seem so upsetting, and we can take a more productive approach to resolving them. Problems do not have to become more than the are.

This is a part of the Involved Observer process I offer in the book “It’s All About Me.”  Become the observer in the very life you are living.  Remember; the more First World Problems we have, the higher standard of living we are experiencing. 

The Involved Observer