Try and try again

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  How many times have you heard this sage advice during your lifetime?  There have been times when someone has said this to me and I have gotten sooooo frustrated.  “I have tried, and tried, and tried again and still its not working!

Though my own experiences I have found that if I try and try, without success sometimes the best thing for me to do is stop trying.

I do not mean give up, I mean stop trying and listen!  I have discovered, to my delight that when I listen to my intuition, when I listen to that still small voice in my heart and head the right and perfect way to approach the issue becomes so clear  I am amazed I did not discover this path in the first place.  The reason for this is simply that the Universe, or God, or First Cause, whatever you want to call it has so many more ways to the goal than our limited thinking can conceive!

Have you ever gone to sleep with a problem on your mind and upon waking you know the solution?  I know I have.  What often happens then is we get back into our limited mind of everyday life and forget that solution.  So here is my un-original suggestion.  Keep a notepad next to your bed so that when you have this “brain-storm” you can capture at least some of the information you have gotten.  “Brainstorm is an inaccurate definition of what has occurred, what you have experienced is stepping out of your own brain and into the mind of unlimited, which is always there, always ready, willing and able to help solve anything.

Stop trying, and start listening; people will think you are a genius!

Think Believe Receive