Wisdom is Power

We have all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.”  and this is true, however knowledge, the knowing of things, places, events, ideas, how-to’s, by themselves are simply information.  It takes wisdom to pull all these individual elements together into something which is worthwhile.  Many people are great with knowledge; they can recite facts, convey history, remind us of past experiences, but few people tap into the wisdom which puts these items into context.  In addition to putting the information into context wisdom also helps us understand when to relate information and when to refrain from volunteering information.

With wisdom we begin to recognize that this world is not made up of black and white experiences; we see the rainbow of existence and delight all around us.  We see possibility in all things; we see how each of us adds to the greater experience.  As we walk in wisdom we walk in our personal truth.  When we walk in our personal truth we become powerful teachers and as powerful teachers we become powerful students of life.  What is missing in so many of our interactions is the realization of how much we do not know.  It is said that we listen, not to hear, but to respond.  A good student listens to hear, to learn, to grow rather than to get ready to say something.  When we listen to each other to hear, something wonderful occurs; we discover something delightful; life is not a struggle, life is a playground.

Maybe today we can all honor our own knowledge but step into the world in Wisdom.

The Involved Observer