Set in my ways

As I flit from country to country, town to town, hotel to hotel on this most amazing adventure I am having with my beautiful Lady, the places where I am set in my ways pop-up and surprise me time and again.  things I thought no longer mattered to me suddenly seem like huge things.  This can be very frustrating for someone who believes they have been releasing the need to control, the need to be “in the loop,” Yet here they pop up again!

I take solace and comfort in the realization that when these, and other issues I thought I had released, come up I can see I am not addressing them from the same emotional or vibrational level as I did previously.  Whereas a few years ago I could not allow anyone else to be in charge of where I was going, today I can find a place of comfort 9 times out of 10, (or maybe 7 out of 10) but I am getting better at going with the flow and knowing that I will be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there.  If there was information to be discussed which was important to me I always had to know what was going on before anyone else, today I am more flexible with catching up because knowing something before everyone else is no longer how I define my self-worth.  Still…..I want to be kept current.

So, as another celebration of my birth comes and goes, when I look at myself in the mirror I think I can actually say I am not as set in my ways as I used to be,  how about you?

The Involved Observer