That’s All I Asked For

“All I want is enough money to get by.” “All I want is somebody to love.”  All I want is the chance to be happy.”  These statements sound quite innocent and maybe one or more will reflect what you believe, but the problem is the Universe, which is charge of delivery of everything you wish for, is quite literal in its delivery.  As I was preparing to write this looking out the window of our Tokyo Hotel I said to my beautiful Lady “all I want is a piece of paper.”  I had in mind a full tablet of lined paper, but what was handed to me was a single piece of paper no larger than a filing card; that’s all I asked for, a piece of paper, and that is exactly what I got!  Thank You for the reminder we get what we ask to receive and what we are ready to embody.

When we find ourselves feeling we are at a dead-end because our dreams do not seem to come true we can take the opportunity to review what is is we have been asking for to honestly see if we have been asking for what we want.  When you do this review, think it through from the most literal interpretation.  Did I ask for enough money to get by, or did I ask for overflowing bank accounts?  Did I ask for somebody to love, or somebody with whom I could share love joyfully?  Did I ask for the chance to be happy, or did I ask to find happiness in all I do?

We cannot make a demand on the Universe, take what comes through then say, “That’s not what I meant” we can however refine and refine our demands until we get what it is we do want.

Think Believe Receive