At this moment I am halfway around the world from my home.  The plan for this morning was to have a sunrise view of the Himalayan peaks which surround the town of Pakhara but as the sun rose we saw only clouds.  Disappointment?  Perhaps, but perhaps what we experienced was exactly what we were supposed to experience.  

I think too often we want to control everything about our surroundings and experiences without realizing we are overlooking something even more filling than what we would have expected.  The mind of humans is very limited in comparison to what the Universe has to offer.  When we surrender to the greater possibility we find experiences which far exceed what we would have planned.

The concept of surrender is difficult to accept sometimes because we feel surrender means giving-up.  What if we adjust that thought from giving-up to getting into alignment?  Does that feel better?  This trip has been one great opportunity to surrender for me because here in India and Nepal the idea of time is different, road conditions are not what I know at home, plans are made and changed, and all for the good because when one plan falls-through, another, greater experience emerges.

Be disappointed if you choose, complain if you must, but who are you robbing of joy?