It’s their lesson

One of the most difficult things we have to do, especially as parents, is watch someone we love learn a lesson.  We want those we love to have only positive  experiences as they go through life, so we want to meddle.  We want to ease their way, but sometimes the best thing we can do for our loved ones is to let them go through the icky-sticky themselves.

Their own way

In science class, somewhere along the line, you probably learned that if you help a butterfly get out of its cocoon because you think it is struggling, the butterfly will not be able to fly because part of the process of what appears to be struggle actually infuses its wings with blood.  Without that blood the butterfly cannot fly.  So it is with humans as well.  What appears to be struggle may well an infusion that will be essential to future life.

The same is true with repeatedly bailing our family and friends out of issues.  There are often two lessons to be learned; the first is for that person to learn not to fall into that issue again, the second is for us to learn to support that person in love and let them learn a lesson for themselves.  This is often a difficult lesson for us to learn.  Both are growth lessons for our future success.

Supporting in love

People have to learn their own lessons, and our own lesson of learning to support others in love, from a distance, calls us to find a new level of love, a deeper level of love.  Doing for others can actually be an act of selfishness on our part.  Your challenge is learning when to step in and when to support from love.  

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