Forgiving myself

I am in the process of forgiving myself for not posting three blogs last month.  Over the years I have been pretty good at maintaining that pace of writing, but last week, well, there were airplanes, relationship things to maintain and post vacation fatigue.  As I look at this explanation I realize these were simply excuses for not doing what I expected of myself.  Is that bad?  Do you see yourself having the same experience recently?

Coming to terms with me

Honestly I doubt many people realized my pearls of wisdom did not arrive as usual.  Everyone has busy schedules.  The real issue is that I have set my own expectations of myself; no one else is sitting there judging me.  So from whom do I have to seek forgiveness for my inactions?  Only myself.  I can beat myself up, throw it into the pile of evidence that I am unworthy that for some reason still hangs around ready to be augmented, or I can come to terms with what I didn’t do and begin forgiving myself.  Does any of this sound like anything you have had to deal with over your life?

An oldie but a goodie

Forgiving myself begins with a prayer I learned in ministerial school.  Dr. Hu Lin, who was a psychiatrist at a Maui mental health facility is credited with this prayer.  It is four simple phrases that seem to lift the veil of self-bashing.   You can use it on yourself, or anyone else who has gotten under your skin.  Ready?

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. 

You see, everything we feel begins within, regardless of the apparent source.  When we begin speaking ill of ourselves, or think ill of others, this prayer can help us center ourselves again rather than beginning a cycle of self-destructiveness.  

Read Think, Believe, Receive and give the prayer a try.