Before you speak

Thinking before I speak has long been one of the things I have had on “to-do” list.  There are times my foot has been in my mouth so long it is starting to prune!  As usual, when I write these missives I am speaking as much, if not more so, to myself.

Some “before you speak” thoughts

Someone, Rumi, Buddha, Jesus, or maybe it was my father, said there are three questions to ask ourselves before we speak; 1) Is it true, 2) is it kind and 3) is it necessary.  Two out of three isn’t really good enough.  Some statements are true, and at the moment we believe someone needs to be straightened out, but in all honesty what we are doing is flailing-out at another person.  This is not necessary.  Mix and match as you please the truth remains two out of three is simply not enough.

Other versions of these rules 

The Rotary Club uses a four way test which includes the questions “Will it be beneficial to all concerned” and “will it build good will and better friendships.” I like this one too because it reminds us there is more to life than blurting out our momentary truth.  The Bible has several passages along the same lines, so its not as if we haven’t be told this many times.  One variation I ran across while following this thought really tickles me; “Does it improve upon the silence?” I am certain that you can come up with some other variations about what to do before you speak too.

The Golden Rule

Attribute these sayings to whom ever your choose, the real point is to remember to treat others as you would want to be treated.  Now, haven’t I heard that one before too?  Every major religion has it’s own version of the same thought.  And on the topic of thoughts and speaking, read Think Believe Receive.  Just click the link below to begin.