Myths make life fun

Long before we became slaves to the internet, myths filled our lives with stories, information and entertainment.

This morning as I took my predawn stroll along the seashore of Kona I saw a shooting star.  Honestly I don’t remember the last time I saw a shooting star; it could be I have just been to inattentive about the world around me.  Does that sound familiar?  So, naturally, I went to the internet to refresh myself about the myths associated with falling stars.

Myths about the night sky

  1. Pointing is rude!  The ancients believed stars were gods.  Pointing at a star (a god)  could anger the god, bringing bad luck upon the pointing person.
  2. Gazing upon the first star of the night is enough to win your heart’s desire, so say it with me; star light, star bright, first star I see tonight….
  3. A ring around the moon with a single star situated inside means clear weather ahead.  Multiple stars inside the ring determine how many days of rain are ahead.
  4. According to some myths, shooting stars are souls being released from purgatory to allow them to ascend to heaven and peace, or it may be a the soul of a new baby coming to earth.

There are countless myths about stars and the night sky; all I know is seeing that shooting star (and please don’t bother telling me it is a piece of rock bouncing off earth’s atmosphere) brought me a moment of joy.  For just a moment I was a little kid again filled with wonder at the world around me.  A great message to myself about being aware of my own world.

Think, Believe, Receive

Wish upon a star, seek your life’s love, ask for money, see god’s assembled above, myths make life fun, if you Think, Believe, Receive.  Aloha!