Fitting in

Fitting-in is the primary motivator of so many people; to the point that they forget who they are and what they believe.  I know that as a parent, just as my own parents did about me, I worry that my own children will forsake what is right to fit-in.

The power of not fitting-in

Why must it be ourselves who have to mold to what other people want us to be?  I mean, who made them the boss?  Who decided that a small group should dictate who and what we do, think, believe and aspire to be?  Why should it not be you who leads the way.  As the old saying goes; “When you aren’t the lead dog the view never changes.”  There are, of course, some guidelines; don’t harm others, don’t do yourself harm, and be life affirming as you go about your work, but as the one who stands as themselves you have more power than being a follower.

Go along to get along

I am not so old as to forget how difficult it was to be a teenager.  The importance of being part of a group, to feel wanted and included, is massive.  Most of the time we escape the teen years with no more than a slight scar or two when it comes to peer pressure, but why continue to so what others think you should do once you reach the age of maturity?  When does fitting-in begin to lose it’s luster?  You, as a unique individual, bring to the world a whole set of skills, understandings and gifts that are just waiting to be shared.  That is why you were created!   The world doesn’t need another Brian Graham, I have that one pretty well covered, but the world does need YOU!

Think Believe Receive will help you step into the YOU you were meant to be.