Generosity changes us

Our own generosity changes who we are.  It makes us more appreciative of our own ability to give, our own prosperity, our own kindness.  As we come to appreciate who and what we are, we have a better feeling about ourselves, which lifts our self esteem.  I am certain you can appreciate how this would change us for the better.

Generosity vs charity

Generosity and charity are not the same thing, in fact charity does little to lift either the giver or the receiver emotionally.  There is a certain obligation attached to giving to charity, just as there is a certain feeling of dependency the receiver of charity might feel.  It is a far more powerful feeling to give generously than to give from an idea obligation or “helping the less fortunate.”  Even when you tithe at Church, Temple, Synagogue, or wherever you tithe, giving from a feeling of generosity is a free giving, with the understanding that you are choosing to do something rather than being obligated to do something.

Test it for yourself

Next time you are in the position of giving, ask yourself; am I giving freely, or am I giving from a sense of obligation?.  If obligation is the motivating factor, if you are wondering who is watching you give, stop.  Stop and reorganize your thinking.  Generosity has nothing to do with who is looking, who is counting, or what other people think of you.  To give, and give freely, from your heart, is a totally different experience.  You will find that you feel better about yourself when you give from your heart.  Notice how freeing it is to drop that five dollar bill in the kettle at Christmas.  Notice how you no longer keep count of how much you give.  Generosity does indeed change us.

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