All American Soap Box Derby

Feed the children

To feed the children does not simply mean to give them physical food.  Food, while obviously essential, is only the first step in supporting children.  A child who is provided nourishment but deprived of human touch, love, attention and emotional support withers on the vine. Be aware Be aware of your words to and around […]

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Let’s Just loaf

As Forrest Gump might say, “life is like a loaf of bread.” Life has its ups and downs, just like a loaf of bread.  Think about the process of making bread; you mix up the dough, put it in a bowl and let it rise, then punch the bread down an let it rise again,

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Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Wanna

I have written here previously about my being a proud part of the All American Soap Box Derby. An experience this weekend gave me another reason to cherish that association.  We had a race in Oceanside, California and a family was coming from Northern California to attend.  On the way down their van caught fire.  They

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Lack and Limitation

I come from Southern California where we are in a severe water situation.  At least once a month, it seems, we are told the gas prices are going up because of one thing or another, we deal with rolling power shortages frequently too.  You may not be from SoCal, but I am certain that somewhere

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Time makes me crazy

Once again I am spending my week in Akron, Ohio as part of the All American Soap Box Derby.  This week is incredibly time focused week.  Events are scheduled very tightly and each is essential in some way.  Sound familiar?  This week is so hectic I actually loose sight of what day it is! This

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Never say never

Besides being most of the title of a James Bond movie, never saying never is a pretty good course of action.  The Universe has a wonderful way of taking that “never” and turning it right back on us, sometimes in the most delightful manner! I have written about my involvement with the All American Soap

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OK, I admit it, after five days here at the All American Soap Box Derby, working from 6:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night, following a very interesting trip through Denver, I am feeling a little tired.  What keeps me going is the joy I see in the faces of the champions and their

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I am a “star”

So that completes my week at the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio.  And a fine week it was, lots of personal insights, lots of opportunities to serve the Champions and their families. I also got lots of opportunities to be a “star”. For at least 12 hours during the week I was

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Life is amazing!

When I set out for the Soap Box Derby last weekend I wrote that I would report on what I learned from the young drivers, ages 7-17.  How delightful that at the Akron Rubber Ducks minor league baseball game Tuesday night I met an 89 year old Korean War veteran named Harold. Harold has an

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Today at the All American is car repair day.  Every single car, every single washer, nut and bolt has been inspected.  If a car has something wrong, a mistake if you will, today is the day they are taken care of.   The cool thing is that once that mistake has been rectified, the car

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