OK, I admit it, after five days here at the All American Soap Box Derby, working from 6:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night, following a very interesting trip through Denver, I am feeling a little tired.  What keeps me going is the joy I see in the faces of the champions and their families.  That is true inspiration.

I find I am only as tired as I choose to be, now isn’t that an interesting concept? I have plenty of reason to feel tired, and occasionally I do feel tired, but that only becomes a factor when I decide within my own mind to let fatigue become a factor.  What this means to me is I decide how I will feel.

If I decide how I will feel running on six hours sleep for five days, then it must be me who decides how I feel about what is going on around me, how I feel about situations at work, how I feel about other people, how I feel about my whole life!

If this is true, that I decide what will affect me (and it is) what a liberating concept!  I no longer have to place blame on others for what I experience.  When I want to feel good (even if I am tired) I can feel good. If I want to feel anger, that is mine too.  If I want to feel betrayed, oops, thats mine too.  I am free to feel any way I wish, even if it works against my best interest!

Right now I commit myself to feeling the best I can, knowing no one else has the power over how I feel!

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