I’ve got an idea!

I’ve got an idea!  This is the greatest idea ever, it will save the company (or our family, or our program) so much!, then you present the idea and it falls on deaf ears, it is like we are speaking a dead language.  How deflating that can be, and often we respond with anger, or we question our own worthiness because others did not join us in this great idea.

As we discuss in my forthcoming book “It’s All About Me”, neither response or reaction is needed.  Just because others do not see the brilliance in our idea.  It is not because they are not listening, it is not because the idea is unsound, it is not even necessarily about how we presented it.  Ideas and changes must come about at the right time.  Tomorrow, next week, next month someone might grab that idea and make it happen, we might even get credit for the idea!  The important thing to remember is; when the idea is adopted, or not, does not reflect upon us.  There is no need to become upset if our idea is not greeted with wild applause.  The only thing which matters is that YOU keep your personal power differentiated from what others think and how THEY react.  It is not about you, it is not even about your idea.

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