Have you ever seen that sign along the freeway?  EXPECT DELAYS. What happens when you see that sign?  Chances are you get tense, begin wondering if you will get to your destination on time, you may even begin to get anxious, perhaps even angry, “Why me, why today?” you ask yourself.

I have noticed that more times than not the EXPECT DELAYS sign means nothing.  There may be a slight slowing of traffic, but no real delays, but even when there is no delay I carry forward with myself that anxiousness, anxiety and maybe even fear that there will be a delay.  The problem is, even though there was no delay my adrenalin has begin to flow and I am stuck in that place of lack, and loss of my personal power.  I sometimes forget to hit the ‘re-set’ button within myself which allows me to go on my way peacefully, and joyfully.  The residual effect of this anticipation that my day may be ruined, actually  ruins my day!

We are inundated with suggestions all day-every day that we are to EXPECT something we do not want. When you see one of these signs, or hear an advertisement suggesting you have to buy this to avoid that, I invite you to take a moment, relax, and ask yourself “am I getting worried about something which might or might not happen?”

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