What If….

     You step into the street and a car misses you by less than a foot; you are driving along and another driver pulls in front of you unexpectedly, you are in the kitchen making dinner and drop a knife which lands right next to your foot.  All three of these things are examples of experiences which might rob you of your personal power, and perhaps even ruin your day, IF YOU LET THEM. They are examples of the dreaded ‘What If’s”, those things which occur to us, or around us, cause us no more harm than perhaps a brief moment of fright.

     We let these “What If’s” tag along behind us all day, sometimes even day after day, year after year, and all they do for us is weigh us down, reduce our ability to be fully present here and now.  I say, if you were not paying attention when these things occurred, review how present you are, and move on.  If you were paying attention, take the lesson, and move on.  We do not have to carry around a big sack of “What If’s” on our backs.  Once the lesson is learned, move on, and refrain from defining your life with “What if I had been run over?”, or “What if I had not swerved when that driver pulled in front of me?” or “I could have lost a toe!”.  Live in the moment, In-Power yourself.

                             What If’s do not define you, YOU DEFINE YOU.   

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