For three days this past week it seemed there was not an electronic device I could safely touch.  E-mails did not go out as I thought, websites were unavailable, passwords ceased to work, I am pretty sure when I walked past my computer it said “don’t touch me”. Am I paranoid or just going through one of those times when there seems to be a conspiracy on the part of the Universe to keep me from doing what I thought I wanted to do.  Have you ever experienced this Cyber Purgatory? 

     OK, I know there is probably no one out there trying to make my life more difficult, (I do a fine enough job myself), but this period of frustration gave me the opportunity to reflect: how much of my life do I define by my success in operating my cyber-extensions?  How magically I page through material, or call up web sites, find missing friends, or crush candy is not truly a reflection of me, and when I believe it is a reflection of me, I loose my personal power.  I am now at the mercy of forces I cannot see, predict, or even understand.  When I am at the mercy of outside forces, I loose my sense of self, and frustration, anger, depression take the place of that sense of self.  

In-Power yourself, enjoy the cyber playground, but remember, you are not a plug-in.

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