Today at the All American is car repair day.  Every single car, every single washer, nut and bolt has been inspected.  If a car has something wrong, a mistake if you will, today is the day they are taken care of.  

The cool thing is that once that mistake has been rectified, the car and driver move on, there is no additional penalty, there is no “you were wrong”, the repair is made, and that is that.

Now, here is the thing.  When you and I make a “mistake, we correct it, but then carry the guilt, shame and blame around with us.  Why is that? Yes, we want to learn from our “mistakes”, and not repeat them, but why beat ourselves up for years to come for an error which has been corrected?  And why do we hold others responsible for their errors for years to come?  

Let it go once it has been made right.  The easiest way to make another error, is to concentrate on the error you already made!

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