Lack and Limitation

I come from Southern California where we are in a severe water situation.  At least once a month, it seems, we are told the gas prices are going up because of one thing or another, we deal with rolling power shortages frequently too.  You may not be from SoCal, but I am certain that somewhere around you there is someone saying there is a shortage of this or a shortage of that.  Right now I am in Ohio where there is an abundance of water but find myself anxious about the water I use in the bathroom!

Even when these things are true, it is interesting to note how this idea of lack and limitation flows into the rest of our lives.  We begin to think that limitation is present in our ability to advance at work, that lack must also be present in our bank accounts, that happiness could be in short supply.  A very insidious concept.

I have no immediate remedy for these feelings of lack and limitation except to invite you to recognize them as they come into your consciousness.  When you hear yourself thinking lack, thinking limitation, or shortage, take a moment to review the facts: is there an actual shortage or is this a carry-over from another situation?  This process is part of the Involved Observer process in my book It’s All About Me. Becomming aware of what you are thinking is the first step to IN-powerment!

The Involved Observer