I Know it All!

OK, so here is a guy who spends two years writing a book, It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer.  The book gets published, and he starts doing workshops around the material.  Imagine his surprise when, he sits down with a group in Akron, Ohio to do the workshop and he learns there is an entirely different level of understanding coming through, three years into the process!  Yes, that was me last weekend.

How often have you been surprised when telling someone about what you do and they point out an entirely new aspect to what you do?  Do you fight back and say, “I already know this stuff?” or do you step back and realize what a gift that is.  Growth is not necessarily easy or comfortable.

Times change, understandings expand, new ways of doing what you have been doing for years materialize.  This does not mean you are lacking or that someone else is smarter than you so you don’t have to get your back up about this.  If there were only one layer to something, one understanding, how boring would that be.  We constantly expand our understandings if we are really trying to do whatever it is we do, so why be upset when someone offers us an additional understanding?  Cherish it, relish it, grow with it!

The fastest way to become a footnote rather than a leader is to believe you know it all.

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