The new understanding

  • I mentioned Wednesday how I got a new understanding about my book It’s All About Me, and how the Involved  Observer process works, even after working with it for almost two years before publication, and I want to share it with you.  In the IO process we ask ourselves why something is bothering us.  We may get an answer right away, or a few days later, but it will come.
  • What we want to be aware of as we do this process is settling for a rapid, misleading solution.  If we hear ourselves saying the cause of our discomfort has anything at all to do with another person, it is not the true answer, it is the ego defending it’s turf.  Keep working the question until the answer to the question “why does this bother me?” challenges you to look to yourself for “fixing” rather than placing the onus on someone else.  The ego is an amazingly adroit part of us which can provide misleading answers to important questions just so we do not upset it’s place in our lives.
  • I invite you to join me in the quest to eliminate placing the blame for any aspect of our lives on someone or something else,  Get youself a copy or ten of It’s All About Me and see for yourself how wonderful and freeing it is to be in charge of your own life.
  • The Involved Observer