The Whirlwind

Everyday, life offers us so many opportunities to get distracted from what is truly important in our lives.  The busyness of our work, the demands of supporting our families, those things which come up which affect us emotionally, even our concern about how our bodies look can become part of the whirlwind.  Ironically we do most of these things which distract us specifically to support those things which are important to us, but then we forget what what we are doing them for in the first place!

To sit here and tell you not to ever forget what is important to you would be craziness.  What I will suggest is that when the whirlwind gets to blowing, when you feel yourself getting anxious, upset, angry, take a moment and recognize that you are feeling those things.  If we simply try to stand against the whirlwind, if we try to deny our feelings we get stuck in them rather than overcoming them. Fighting the whirlwind, in whatever form  it appears only leads to heartache.

Rather than being in resistance, do some mental Judo, find a mental place where you can remember why you are doing what you do. Here are some reasons you might be working 80 or more hours per week, or why you are involved in litigation, or why you are stressing getting to the gym:

A) remember your dedication to your family (whatever form that takes).

B) Remember the support of your friends.

C) Remember you are always at choice in all you do. 

D) First and foremost, remember the all present power of love, and tap into that.

You might suggest Brian has donned his rose colored glasses again, and you may be right, all I ask is that the next time the whirlwind blows your way, and there seems to be no way out, stop and consider any of these items and see if that does not help a little bit.  Then of course, read my books, It’s All About Me, and Think, Believe, Receive. 

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