We say to ourselves no one likes to be bored. We have been reminded many times that “Idle hands are the devils playground.” We have come to believe we are slacking off when we want to take time to listen to ourselves, to relax, to enjoy our family or friends.  For just a moment consider how we work so hard to keep busy, and if we have no assigned work, we draw drama to ourselves to fill the spaces between productivity.  Is this drama really necessary, or even healthful for us?  In most cases the answer is no, filling the spaces between what other people consider productive with drama works against us and distracts us from what could be a refreshing break in our day. We can actually become addicted to drama!

If the chattering monkeys are not at work in our head we don’t know what to do so we invent problems, we worry about what might be, the “what if’s” of  our lives to prevent what we refer to as boredom when we could just as easily use that time to listen to our guidance for what might make us happy rather than what might make us unhappy.Rather than fill that time with doom and gloom, we could just as easily fill it with thoughts of what we have accomplished, what has gone right.

Of course this change of habit does require an effort on your part: an effort to choose to live in an awareness of possibility rather than failure.  Becoming aware of our thoughts is the focus of the Choiceful Living Program, and you can join in this new way of thinking. exists to help you see the possibility which is your natural state of mind. Contact us today and let’s see if we can work together, as a corporation, company, team or individual. 

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