Setting the Goal

All the books about success tell us to set a goal and work unswervingly toward that goal to achieve success.  They tell us to accept nothing but exactly what we want or we are failures waiting to happen.  Now I ask you, in your career, or in your life how many times have you set out to do something specific, set out how to make it happen, exactly when it would come to fruition and then experienced  it look exactly, I mean exactly, the way you visioned it?  Most likely the answer is: not so often if ever.  The real key to success is to have a clear vision of what you want, work clearly toward that goal, and along the way be open to variations on your work-plan which will enhance that vision and make it more successful.

The reason this happens is that once you have clearly in mind what you want and begin to work in that direction you will draw to you people and experiences which will support and enlarge the possibility in your life and work.  This is an unfailing truth IF you remain steadfast in your vision, as well as flexible in how it comes to be.  I could go into why this happens, but I would prefer you read about it in my first book, Think, Believe, Receive.  Once you are aware that everything there is is waiting to support you in your success magical things will happen as a matter of course.  Check it out, read the book, put it to the test and let me know what happens!

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