The baggage

Feel that weight on your soul?  The overall malaise of life sucking the joy out of your day, robbing the preciousness of relationships?  Do you wonder why you feel this?  It is the baggage of your life which you have been lugging around behind you.  Every slight committed against you, every snub, lost promotion, all the disappointments you have ever experienced.  The more years you count on the birthday cake, the heavier that weight gets, UNLESS, and until you finally look over your shoulder and become aware of just how much “stuff”  you have chosen to carry and then decide to lighten the load.

I say “you have chosen” because that is the fact, no one else has loaded that bag you have been lugging around.  You have packed that bag all by yourself, each and every item.  Just as you have loaded the bag yourself, only you can unload the bag, or drop it all together.  Interesting concept don’t you think?  The idea that you can free yourself from years of wishing things had turned out differently, mourning lost opportunity?  But that is what it will take to make tomorrow a brighter day.  Now, you can accomplish this through years of talk therapy, maybe, or you can take a pilgrimage to some mystical location where a guru will accept a generous donation to counsel you, but in the end you and only you will release that baggage.  

At Choicefull Living seminars we offer a different  approach: since in the end it will be you who does the releasing, why not cut out the middle-man and the travel and begin right now releasing all that excess baggage, why not move into self IN-powerment beginning as soon as Amazon delivers to your door the tools to do the same thing right in the comfort of your home or office?  Read Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About Me for the first steps on your new journey, lighter, refreshed and IN-powered.

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