Looking for inspiration

Are you looking for the inspiration about how begin a project, or maybe the inspiration as to how to complete a task?  In my first book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life, I discuss exactly how this is done.  You see, to even conceive of a task means you are capable of completing that task.  Everything you need to know, every how, every nuance, every step has been completed for you already, all you have to do is listen.  The problem is we forget where to listen!  Yes, assistance and support can come from those you already know, but have you ever been taken by surprise when someone you may not even know walks up to you and says something that sets off a light bulb in your head, the resolution to your current question?  

Some would say there are angels walking among us who provide answers and support, some think of this as a wonderful coincidence, I believe these angels, messengers, guides, teachers, whatever term you are comfortable with, are simply the perfect result of the Universe conspiring for our success.  Thomas Edison was known to take short naps throughout the day, especially when he was stuck on a problem.  Often when he awoke from those naps he had a solution to the problem; and if it was not the solution, it was another step along the way to THE solution.  Those who scoff might say he just rested his brain and the answer came; my belief is that dear Tom was allowing the “thinking” side of his mind to take a break, and the creative, or in-spired was able to come through.

There is a good reason we have two sides to our brains: analytical and creative. Too much concentration on one side of the brain or the other leads to an imbalance.  Both sides are to be incorporated in our lives.

Looking for inspiration?  Listen within and the perfect answer will come.  And of course, read Think, Believe, Receive! Think Believe Receive