Good or Bad?

Is taking time to read this blog good or bad?  Is your boss good or bad?  Is the relationship you are in good or bad? Was the traffic on the way to work today good or bad?  Was your choice to change your workplace or relationship good or bad?

The truth is now, and always has been, what is good or what is bad depends on many factors: our outlook on life, how the immediate response to an event or decision appears and our culture and training just to name a few.

 There are those who are adamant that good and bad are as clear as black and white.  For them the assignment of “good” and “bad” are easily accomplished.  My experience tells me that those who have this view also hold the concept that “you are either for me, or against me” which sets them at odds against the whole world. There are also those who say this “relative morality” will be the downfall of humanity.  All I ask is that you think about the times in your life when you might have thought that missing an elevator was bad, then found the next elevator gave you an opportunity to connect with someone new, or saved you from stopping at every floor on the way to your destination (good).  Have you ever thought you were going to be late to an appointment because of traffic (bad) only to arrive on-time with the perfect parking place (good).  We are not privy to the whole picture of life at any given time. For us life is lived one second at a time, one moment at a time.  So how could we be fully aware of the ramifications of one moment when placed in the context of an entire life? 

Good or Bad?  only time will tell, but if you follow your guidance, chances are very good the final tally will show much more good than bad. It is All About You!

The Involved Observer