Do you have a rabbit in your life?

So, do you?  Do you have a rabbit in your life?  In this case a rabbit is a goal, a dream, a vision you are chasing.  When I take my grand dog out for a walk in the cool of a Southern California evening there are sometimes dozens if not hundreds of rabbits along our path, and each time he catches sight of one of those rabbits he wants to go after it.  Now, my grand dog is just a little larger than a rabbit, and while quick and smart he has yet to be successful at actually catching one of those rabbits, but that does not deter him from trying every time.

Maybe your goal is like a rabbit, or your dream or your vision is like a rabbit, seemingly just out of reach every time you go after it.  Until now you have fallen short of catching that vision, are you deterred from trying again?  It takes real dedication to seeing our dreams through.  There are those who tell us that it is not the dream we are seeking, it is the experience, and I guess there is some truth in that for the journey is the real adventure; the journey is where we learn and grow so that when we finally do catch that rabbit, we will know what to do with it, and appreciate it even more.

The bottom line is, never give up on catching that rabbit.  When everything seems to be against you sometimes the best solution is to give up trying, and let the Universe show you the best way to your dreams, your goals and your vision.  One day, maybe today, you will catch that rabbit.

The Involved Observer                                              Think Believe Receive