A Smile

You might think I am going to write something like “a smile increases your face value” or something like that, but I am not.  You see smiles come in so many ways, some are external, some are internal, some are for show, some smiles come out in a performance, in a job well done or a gift so much clearer than the smile on a face.

Recently I was thinking about a friend of mine who has made her transition, Fran Laskota-Christ.  Fran was  not one for a facial smile, but what she radiated vibrationally more than made up for the lack of physical smiles.  Then, when she sat down at a piano the music she made was her smile, and it brought a smile to every listeners face.

If we go through life thinking that a facial smile is the measure of a person we can deceive ourselves and be mislead by inauthentic smiles.  We have been told not to judge a book by its cover, and this is another example of just that.  What we actually do, how we actually treat other people is far more meaningful than any smile we may or may not show. How we actually treat other people, regardless of the smile on our face is the real demonstration of what are values are.

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