I’m only Human

As we walk our path to IN-powerment we do so much wonderful work; we release others from responsibility for our experiences, we forgive others and ourselves for “missing the mark”, we reduce or eliminate the need to gossip, and we see the world through new eyes as being unlimited possibility.  Sometimes we fall short of these ideals, then we fall into the trap of dumping all over our progress with one phrase: “I’m only human.”  We use this phrase to justify our actions ourselves when we find walking the path of IN-powerment is too difficult, challenging or just plain uncomfortable.

I am first in line when it comes to recognizing that sometimes we do fall short of the goal of self IN-powerment; been there, done that, however when we use the justification that “I’m only human” we take a giant leap backwards in our evolvement.  This phrase suggests to us that no matter what we do we cannot and will not reach a place, while we are human, where we do not want to harm anyone else, and certainly not harm ourselves. This is untrue, this is limiting this brings us out of our personal power.

The personal power of which I speak is the power which lets us be the observer in our own lives and not take things so personally.  If I may, I would like to make a suggestion as to how we can phrase our occasional lapses to ourselves which does not give us permission to repeat the action or thought.  when this comes up may I suggest using the phrase “I just did that human thing again.”  This at once reminds us we did something limiting, we are aware of it, and choose to have another try at improving our relationship with ourselves.

It is All About You!  Read about it in It’s All About Me.

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