Anxiety as our friend

When we are feeling anxious about something we can look upon that anxiousness as a friend because that anxiousness is inviting us to look at what is going on in our lives.  This is especially true when that anxious feeling is non-specific. You know what I am talking about; that low grade unease in the pit of your stomach, the feeling of being tired all the time.  That is often anxiety working its dis-empowering ways on our bodies.

Yes, anxiety is not only a mental condition and experience, it can become a very real physical experience too, and the longer it is left unexamined, the greater the toll it will take on our bodies.  Taken to the extreme anxiety can result in ulcers, digestive issues, and even worse.

The thing is, anxiety can also be our friend because it is calling us to examine what is important in our lives; that is if we choose to be totally honest with ourselves.  This is what self IN-powerment is all about; being honest with ourselves and freeing others from the responsibility for our own lives.  When an anxious moment comes into your being, take a moment and listen to what it is saying.  Does what you hear match how you want your life to look?  If you can identify the source of the anxiety, the thought behind the anxiety, then you can step forward and take control of your thoughts rather than letting thoughts someone else has told you to believe drive your life. 

In both It’s All About Me, and Think, Believe, Receive I go into the issue of living our lives based upon what someone else has told us we should consider important.  Isn’t it time you looked at what thoughts are driving your life?

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