Consistency can be a good thing, or it can be a trap.  Being someone who can be counted upon to complete tasks on time, accurately is indeed a wonderful thing. Being a person who can only do a task one way, not so wonderful.  However there is a thin line between consistency, habit and being in a rut.

At every point in our lives we want to be bringing the best we can, listening to our guidance a we are lead to do whatever it is we do better, more insight fully, and more consciously.  How do we do this?  Well the answer to that is, we don’t.  There is around us an unlimited source of inspiration calling us to be even more that we have ever been.  We simply have to listen to this calling, follow its lead and we will find that what we have been doing consistently, moves up a notch to more effortless, more fulfilling and more satisfying on every level.  In following this guidance we avoid the trap of working from habit where there is no joy, or working in a rut, where there is only an energy drain.

If we are to have a consistency perhaps our goal is to be consistently better, more IN-powered.

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