Never say never

Besides being most of the title of a James Bond movie, never saying never is a pretty good course of action.  The Universe has a wonderful way of taking that “never” and turning it right back on us, sometimes in the most delightful manner!

I have written about my involvement with the All American Soap Box Derby, and it is a prime example of this truth.  For years I was told by many people whom I respect that the Derby would never permit a certain type of race, yet this year I have spent more than 60 hours on the telephone making plans for that exact race.  Never? Ha!

Our lives are full of opportunities to expand, change, and generally plunge into new adventures,  yet too often we do not even attempt these things because they will never work, or we will never have the time or money to do them.  It is wisely written that when we argue for our limitations, they become our limitations.  

Where is the never in your life?

Think Believe Receive