Help, I am disconnected!

I started to post this blog last night only to discover my server was down.  Is this the modern equivalent of the old “the dog ate my homework?”  Even a low-tech savvy person such as myself can feel disconnected when this happens; what must it be like for someone who takes instant communication not only for granted, but as a matter of personal rights?

Our lives today are so outwardly focused, dependent upon photo sharing, texting, and the like, but when we come down to it, all we want to do is to be heard.  The denial of that basic desire, no matter if it is done electronically or in-person weighs heavily upon our hearts.  The loss of our instant blast of “hey, it’s me, I want to feel I am being heard” is no different than being ignored at a party.  We are invited to ask ourselves “if I speak, and no one hears, do I exist?”  Yes, you exist, yes you have value, the same value or more than if you could send me a photo of your breakfast, your cat, or you and your BFF’s.  Your value is not dependent upon being heard, it is based upon you being you.The Involved Observer CLS