Being the active participant

“Burn-out” is a real thing in today’s world.  It seems that every waking moment we are bombarded with information, calls to action, calls to inaction, calls for help, complaints and expanding demands upon our time.  The advent of personal electronic devices has made ours a life of being on-call 24/7/365.  With so many demands on our attention, how do we ever return to a point of feeling we are in control of our own lives?

Just today as I was trying to do some work to make an income, I received seven phone calls and five text messages.  Forget about the 100 or more e mails I got.  Even this is minuscule compared with what you might get, I know, but how do we regain control of our day to day lives?

The answer is to be the active participant.  Rather than making us busier, being the active participant means we exercise our own control over these outside communications.  I remember when instant communication meant my pager went off, I found a pay phone and called the number on the pager to make contact.  (How very quaint!). Today I sometimes have to remind myself that not every one who contacts me must, absolutely must, be responded to that very moment.  In fact I am often more powerful, accurate and helpful if I let a message wait a short time before responding.  I choose to be ACTIVE in my PARTICIPATION, rather than being RE-ACTIVE in my participation.  Being the active participant will minimize burn-out.

Just something to think about while you read It’s All About Me, or Think, Believe, Receive, both of which are available through my web site,

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