Everywhere I look

Everywhere I look I see people trying to get an edge on me, people trying to use me, people who abuse my trust and my love.

Everywhere I look I see people who want the best for me, people giving selflessly of their time, people who make me want to be more trusting and loving myself.

Into which category do you fall, the first statement, or second statement?

You see, both statements are true, because you make them true.  If you have painted your day in colors of betrayal, everywhere you look you will indeed see betrayal.  If you have painted your day in colors of love, kindness and understanding, all around you will be mirrors of that choice.

There is no point in telling someone the world is filled with people who lead with their hearts when that person is convinced otherwise, and the person who is set on having a wonderful day will find it very easy to have a wonderful day.

This seems so basic and simple I often wonder why everyone does not see this truth, that is until I begin my day with a chip on my shoulder, then I remember why: it is difficult at times to retract a biting statement, a thoughtless gesture.  To anyone who might have been the target of my attitude, I apologize.  When you find yourself in this position, just do your best to re-paint your day in more loving colors.  And, of course, read It’s All About Me for more thoughts about the artist inside us.

The Involved Observer