Making a turn-around

How many times have you decided enough is enough, you are through with this type of relationship; a relationship with a person, a relationship with food, or a relationship with an behavior, and you decide this is it, from now on you will not do or be that anymore.  You begin to make the changes required, and find yourself right back at square one.  Frustration follows, as does your resolve to make the change.  Most frequently this happens around diet or exercise as you know, but what is most important is to keep at the change.

You see, change does not always happen all at once: weight, attitude, fitness, income, whatever issue may be on your mind came into your life one day at a time, just as change might come into your life one day at a time.  Some changes will appear magically, others will come about only with constant attention to the change.  If what you want to do is shed a few pounds, you can simply starve yourself for a week, but then the pounds reappear.  The only way to make a long lasting change is to commit yourself to a long range program of change which is focused on this moment, this choice, then the next moment and the next choice, and on and on.

When someone tells you they have a magic wand which will do the change for you, run in the other direction, the only thing which will change from this type of approach is the number of dollars you have in your pocket which will magically appear in their pocket.

In my second book It’s All About Me we walk through change in a way you will appreciate as you make your turn-around.

The Involved Observer