On your path to true IN-powerment you do not want to take any prisoners.  

Does this mean you are to lay waste to anyone or anything which crosses your path along the way?  No, it means that as you walk the path to being aware of your responsibility for your own life, you do not want to make anyone else pay the price for that walk.  Take no prisoners, hold no one else responsible for your growth, or lack of growth.

On of my favorite teachers right now is Reverend Nell Smith at the Chapel of Awareness in  Encinitas, CA.  Nell has some seasoning on her, a real no-nonsense, straight forward person who teaches from the only place I know of which is authentic teaching; from love.  Nell has said on several occasions, that the purpose of  life is twofold: first to learn to accept love.  The second purpose of life is to learn to give love.   

Please consider this concept for a moment.  Accept love, and give love.  Outside of a pop song there is not place for a prisoner in either lesson.  What I am getting at is this: growth is an inside job.  Making others responsible for our growth or making others responsible for our apparent lack of growth is taking prisoners.  Keeping yourself locked in, waiting  for someone else to teach you to love, or teach you to accept love, his keeping yourself a prisoner.  As I said right at the top of this blog, TAKE NO PRISONERS!

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