I can fix you

If someone says to you that they can “fix”, run, don’t walk, RUN the other direction just as quickly as you can.

First of all, you are not broken, therefore you do not need fixing.

Second of all, whatever you want to change about your life does not come from an outside source, it begins within.  You and only you can change the direction you are going.  Yes, there are people who can assist you with change, but they can not change you for you.

I know that is a downer, I mean how much fun would it be to say “I am not happy with the way I am treating others” then google “help with people skills”, right click and have all the answers you could want instantly in your being.  (For the app developers out there, if you perfect this I want 10%)

Change will be a process, some aspects will change instantly, others will take a little time, but remember you do not have to turn yourself around 180 degrees right away, even a little 10 degree shift will bring great relief, and the promise of more to come.

Again I say, If someone promises they can fix you, RUN! they only want to turn you into someone they can live with more easily. 

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