Round Peg, Round Hole

You know this phrase, it means that the person chosen for a task is perfectly suited to that task.  Round peg, square hole means we are trying to force an issue  or person to conform to a shape it was never intended to fill.

Do you ever feel like a round peg in a square hole?  Do you feel you are being asked to do something you are not suited to do by temperament or choice? If this is a work or relationship situation things can get ugly very quickly, and downright painful as well.

Now there is no way to go back and not get this task, that part has happened already. The place from which we work effectively is: now that I am here, what will I do about it?  Fighting and pushing back presents it own problems; passive resistance is good for a while, but not a long term stratagem.  You could quit, that is always a possibility, but how many times can you quit?

I would like to offer a fourth possibility: if you are a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole, ask yourself “can I re-shape myself and reshape the hole to make a better fit?  This stratagem presents so many more positive options!  You get to grow personally as you seek ways to come to terms with your situation, and you get to explore ways to re-define the hole at the same time.  By undertaking either, or both of these stratagem, your whole view of being forced to do anything diminishes.  You are now in control of the question rather than being at the mercy of “conditions.”

Of course there is always the option of just playing the victim too, but that feel yucky.

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